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About Sellutions

Sellutions is a New Zealand Company that is dedicated to supplying companies with high quality, ethical, outsourced sales through transparent and effective business programs.

We have a team of international sales professionals and trainers who are committed to ensure effective delivery of the message from the client to a prospective customer. Our specialty is tailor-fitting our service to suit each individual client’s needs, ensuring compliance and delivering ethical sales every single time.

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We didn’t always look this good

Sellutions Brand Transformation | 5 November 2014 | Auckland, New Zealand


Sellutions Rebranding (1)Sellutions launched their new brand image, complete with a logo, website and a renewed version of their vision launched on 5/11/2014.

The branding change aims to reconcile the company’s reputation of friendly professionalism and ethical sales success, with the physical image of Sellutions.

“I started Sellutions at the same time my son, Franco, was born, and there are some similarities between the growth of the company and my son’s development. The most apparent one is that they are both self-aware, and can reflect on the past, and get excited for the future,” said Managing Director Mark Richardson. “I decided this would be a good time to reaffirm that we are on the right track, to celebrate what we have achieved and look to the possibilities ahead, so I thought renovating our brand was the best way to grow with confidence. “

The new logo is a twist on the previous logo of a handshake, changing to two interlocked links. This is representative of the collaborative approach Sellutions takes with clients to ensure the best sales process and communication across channels. This is apparent with the website, which has a personal yet professional touch, all the while being transparent with the flow of information.

The branding process was organic. We crowd-sourced it to our partners and employees to ensure that it was a Sellutions-grown creation as this brand represents us as both a company and as individuals. We wanted everyone in our company, including our clients and customers, to feel connected to our new brand since they contributed to the decision making process.

The collaborative approach has paid off for Sellutions, whose logo now appears proudly in the foyer of their Newmarket office.


The Sellutions Story

A Letter from the Managing Director

I started Sellutions in 2011, because after working on and off for other companies for a total of 16 years in the sales and marketing industry , I believe there was a better way to run outsourced sales. The direct sales and door to door sales industry and the representatives within it have a terrible reputation, right up there with the politicians and used-car salesmen. Most companies have a short-term view of their employees and clients unfortunately, which gives them mixed results.

Sellutions has been designed to be different from the very start, and this distinguishes us from the rest. We are focused on compliant and ethical selling that puts the needs of the customer first and we value transparency, integrity, diligence and hard work to ensure that our employees, clients and customers all get the best experience possible.

We look for long term investments, in both our employees and our clients to ensure quality in our work, and in the opportunity for growth potential and stability for all parties involved.

In order to put people first, we have structured Sellutions with a three-step process in mind.

  • FIRSTLY: We recruit carefully
  • SECONDLY: We train comprehensively
  • LASTLY: We manage our people with transparent and open two-way communication

At Sellutions, we believe that picking the right people and ensuring that they receive the right training determines our success.

I would like to personally thank you for visiting our website and reading our story. We welcome you on board so your business will experience noticeable increase in sales through our services as it is our mission to provide high quality outsourced sales through transparent and effective business development programs and our vision to be New Zealand’s first choice for ethical outsourced sales.

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Mark Richardson

Managing Director